A Bed For Every Head

A bad bed, more often than not, results in discomfort and back aches.  Purchasing a new bed or mattress can be quite confusing and also quite expensive. On average a human being spends about 1/3rd of his life in bed, so isn’t it worth it to buy one that perfectly suits your body.

Finding the perfect beds whether it be Twin Beds, Full Size Bunk Beds or Storage Beds, can be difficult. Here is how you would go about selecting your new bed and mattress:

  1. Pay attention to the construction of the bed, not the price. A mattress and box spring that cost $400 may be as good as another set that cost $600.
  2. Test the bed/mattress before you buy it. IF you are purchasing a bed that would be used by 2 people then you might want to keep a few things in mind, like, you shouldn.t roll towards on e another or even feel motion should the other person leave the bed.
  3. Give a thought to a water-bed, which is known to be helpful for some back problems. Make sure that your floor can take the weight of the water bed.
  4. You can choose from a wide varietyof specialized mattresses. The dense foam used in these are heat sensitive and self adjusts to the body mass and temperature.
  5. Make sure you know what size you  are looking for before you begin your purchase.


Generally, not taking into account custom designs, the most common dimensions are:

  • Twin Beds /Single, 39×75 in. (99×190 cm);
  • Twin Extra-long, 39×80 in. (99×203 cm);
  • Full/Double, 54×75 in. (137×190 cm);
  • Queen, 60×80 in. (152×203 cm);
  • Eastern King 76×80 in. (193×203 cm);
  • California King, 72×84 in. (183×213 cm).


Once you have taken all this into account all that is left is to decide on the type of bed frame that you would need. The best way to decide this is to consider the size and arrangement of your room before finalizing on a bed frame. Bunk beds have always been a popular option with most people who have limited space. Simply put a bunk bed offers two beds, with one on top of the other and which only takes up the floor space of a single bed.  Wooden bunk beds, metal bunk beds and futon bunk beds seem to be the hotest selling items. However, with more and more childrens bunk bed designs coming on to the market, there is an abundance of choice available for anyone looking for a bunk bed.

If you’re getting ready to update your child’s bedroom, it’s worth checking out the new trends in children’s beds before you start. Everything from kid’s bunk beds , kids loft beds, convertible beds and a whole lot of trundle beds are available for you to utilize, to create a room you could only have dreamed about as a kid. If you are fed up of having a cluttered room for your children then storage beds may be right for you! If you’re feeling adventurous, consider buying a specialty bed. This includes everything from headboards with built-in speakers to beds shaped like a carriage or pirate ship. Make sure to choose a finish your child will like since they are likely to be using the bed for years.

Sleep Well!!

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