Beds, Beds & More Beds!

As we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, the one of the most important decisions in life is – deciding what kind of bed you require. Hundreds of years ago, beds were created from piles of ferns, straw, animal skins or other natural materials. Now, we have a bed frame which supports a mattress, on top of which we have a pillow to lay our heads and a duvet or blanket to cover us and keep us warm.

These days there are a wide variety of beds for you to choose from. The amount of choices from adjustable beds, air beds, bunk beds, platform beds to Murphy beds and sofa beds can leave you disoriented. Not to fear, we have listed the various types of beds below along with a short description to make your selection a little easier.

Air Beds

An air bed is in fact an air mattress. Instead of containing springs or memory foam, an air mattress is hollow and is inflated to the desired level.

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is essentially two beds – one on top of the other, held apart by support struts. To reach the upper bunk a ladder is used. Because of the need for support and safety, bunk beds are almost always single-person on top; however some on the market have a larger two person bed underneath.

Canopy Beds

As the name suggest, it is a bed usually made of wood or metal, which is covered by a suspended cloth canopy. It is sometimes also known as a four poster bed.

Divan Beds

This could mean two things. Either it is a sofa bed, essentially a couch designed for sitting during the day but which can be used for sleeping at night. Or, it is a modern divan bed which is simply a standard bed with storage drawers built into the frame.

Futon Beds

The term futon has come to refer to a particular style of sofa beds. They usually consist of a wood or metal frame and a thin mattress with a cover. The frame can be configured either for use as a bed or as a sofa. You can also buy a futon chair which seats and sleeps one.

Loft Beds

A loft bed is similar to a bunk bed; however the lower section is used for purposes other than sleeping. It’s a single person space saving bed that makes optimum use of vertical space, making it a great furniture choice for small rooms.

Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds were invented for a simple, practical reason – to conserve space. The bed folds away during the day (usually into the wall or a closet) and is only unfolded when needed. This allows a room to be used for one purpose during the day and then be transformed into a bedroom as required, thus making good use of limited space.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is simply a shallow bed on wheels or casters that slides underneath another bed when not in use during the day.

As always, shop for quality not just price.

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