Create Your Very Own Rock Garden

For those of you who love the rugged landscape of the mountains, rock gardens are a perfect choice. Additionally, Rock gardens are an excellent landscape choice for gardens which are sloped, shady or dry.

Creating a design for your rock garden is perhaps the most important step as this is where you allocate space & position. Begin by measuring the dimensions of your garden then select an appropriate area. The best area is one where there is a natural slope and dry sheltered conditions but if this is not the case then one can still be created.

In order to prepare the area for your rock garden, you will need to remove the turf in that area and if necessary, create a slope for the rocks to be placed onto. The slope can be created by using excess soil from elsewhere in the garden or by breaking up the removed turf. Follow this step by step process to get a Rock Garden of Eden.

  1. Collect Rocks. Ask people for rocks lying around in their gardens. Check construction sites as well.  You can also buy rocks from garden centers and quarries
  2. Get Rock Garden plants. Check your local nursery. Ideal plants are Cacti or Shrubs. These are perennial plants that can survive in dry conditions.
  3. Before you begin to build your rock garden, create a mixture of sand and soil to layer over the space.
  4. Have a “keystone” rock. Build around this rock. Try not to place the rocks uniformly.
  5. Leave space for plants between the rocks
  6. For that natural outdoor rugged feeling, don’t plant in symmetry.

There, that’s all you need to create a Rock Garden that everybody will admire.

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