DIY: Install Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air condition is used in most homes and is simply a network of ducts (which are air passages) situated in an attic which supply air to vented outlets situated in each room. Keep your home cool irrespective of the weather outdoors by following our simple guide.

Step 1: Selecting The Air Duct

You’re spoiled for choice while choosing an air duct. You can choose between sheet ducts, spiral ducts & insulated ducts. Insulated ducting is made as flex duct or fiberglass duct. Both are insulated & have an outer covering of foil. Sheet metal ducts are relatively inexpensive, but the downside is that they re more susceptible to air leakage and condensation. Spiral ducts are round metal ducts that you can bend into different angles.  You can choose the kind of air duct based on your needs and requirements.

Step 2:  Determining The Design & Quantity

Consider the number of rooms you need your air ducts to supply air to, how the air will travel to those rooms and the distance to each room. Create a design or sketch of your intended duct work, as this will help you deice the amount of duct you need to purchase and the measurements as well.

Step 3: Install The Duct

We recommend you use duct board while you begin cutting any ducts work. Keep your design handy and cut using a sharp razor knife. The duct should be constructed like a box, with foil tape attaching the ends. After constructing the initial section of duct, it can be attached to the air handler. Support the outside of the duct with a box or anything else which will help keep it even. Remember to cut an opening to accommodate the diffuser of the air handler and tape around the edges of it with foil tape. Go to the other end of the duct and install a hanger by nailing one end of the hanger to a rafter or any other source of support. Now wrap the other end of the duct and pull it up, if needed and then nail the other end. Connect the remaining sections of the duct board with collars or even duct connectors and finally tape around the edges. As needed, you can add any addition hangers.
When you have completed the main ducting, you can run the flex duct to each room’s supply vent. Attach the flex duct with a zip tie or duct connector. Attach the other end to a metal diffuser and tape around the edges. Insert diffuser into the ceiling hole.

Step 4: Testing The Installation

When you’ve completed the installation, run your air conditioning. Inspect duct connections for any leaks and check to see that air is coming out from each room’s supply vent.

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