DIY: Make A Wire Mesh Fence

A wire mesh fence is a great cheap alternative to other types of fencing. Not only does it have the advantage of being comparatively cheaper, it is also very resistant you can DIY! You can safely use a wire mesh to avoid any kind of intrusion from animals and can also be used to mark property lines.

Here are the Tools & Materials You Will Need:

  • Concrete Mix
  • Fence Stretching Tool
  • Fence Nails or Clips
  • Posts
  • Post- Hole digger
  • Spray Paint
  • String
  • Tape Measure
  • Wire Mesh Fencing


Step 1: Decide The Location, Location, Location


Start out by deciding the location you’d like to fence, next measure out the distance. This should help you gauge how much material you’ll require. If there are ant trees, shrubs or plants in the path of your fence, remove them and pave the way.


Step 2: Mark The Corner Posts


Start marking the spots where the corner posts will be set up. Dig the holes for these holes and insert a  stake in each one of them.


Step 3: Use The String Technique


One of the most effective ways to make a dead straight fence is to make use of this technique. Run a length of string from one post to the next, to ensure you are moving in a straight line.


Step 4: Use Some Spray Paint


Mark the location where each fence post will be set up by letting loose and using a bit of spray paint. Don’t go too crazy, try to place fence posts at regular intervals accurately.


Step 5: Mark The Entrance Points


Now you should process to mark the area where your entrance will be placed, also you should decide if you are going to establish more than one point of access.


Step 6: Dig Holes.


Now you should dig holes for where the posts shall be placed. Remember to make each hole deep enough to be resistant and hard-wearing, remember to dig the holes for the corner posts and gate posts deeper in comparison to the rest. A pole digger will help simplify this step greatly.


Step 7: Fill In The Holes & Plumb The Posts.


Begin by filling your freshly dug holes with dry cement till it is half full. You can now insert the posts, aka plumb the posts. Press each post securely into the cement filled hole, ensure that the pole is encompassed by the cement. Fill the remaining space in the hole with cement & allow it to dry completely.


Step 8: Finally, Attach The Wire Mesh


Once your posts are secure and the cement completely dried, you can start attaching the wire mesh fencing to one of the corner posts. Pull the wire mesh towards the next post in the line; ensure that you stretch it well, so that your fence doesn’t sag later. It is advisable to nail the wire mesh to each post 4 times, you could also use fence clips: top, bottom, twice in between. Use a fence stretching tool & continue this process till all the posts are affixed with wire mesh.

Enjoy your new wire mesh fence.

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