Feel the Heat! – Choose the Right Heaters for Home

Escape the winter cold by arming yourself with Heaters for home. Also known as Space heaters, these devices are capable of providing warmth to small rooms. A space heater saves you a lot of money on gas and electricity as these efficiently convert almost all the energy to heat. However, they also pose a serious threat as they could start fires or even pollute the air with toxic fumes.  Here are a few tips that will enable you to make the smart choice when it comes to purchasing a heater for your room.

1.        Choose your heater based on the size of the room that requires heating. Buying an oversized one, could result in higher density of pollutants within the room.

2.       Choose between gas, electric or kerosene appliances. Electric heaters are of 2 types, radiators and convection heaters. In gas heaters, the most commonly used on is the Propane Heater

3.       Based on how often you move or how many heaters you need for the house, you can choose from Portable Heaters(you can warm any room that you want to settle in) or  Wall mounted Heaters (heaters for every room !).

4.       If you are purchasing a propane heater, make sure it’s well vented and is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor. The sensor will shut the heater off in case of excessive carbon monoxide emissions.

5.       Electric or vented fuel fired portable heaters for mobile homes.

6.       Hire a qualified professional to examine gas and kerosene heaters on an annual basis.

7.       Safety tip: Make sure that the heating elements of the heater a covered or protected by a guard. This ensures that children, pets, clothing won’t come into direct contact with the heating element.

Try not to use any extension cords to connect your heater. If you do have to use one, make sure it is #14 or #12 A WG which has sufficient wire thickness.

With this information at hand, you are now armed to go out and purchase the right heater for your needs.

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