How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you completely & utterly confused because there seem to be more vacuum cleaner models than floors to use them on? Never fear! We’re here to help you make sense of it all.

The 3 main points to keep in mind before purchasing a vacuum cleaner are:

  1. Budget: Don’t get tempted into buying something that you cannot afford.
  2. Brand: Try and find out brands that are trustworthy and reliable.
  3. Usage: If you have a large carpeted area you may want to go for an upright vacuum cleaner and if you have a hard surface flooring and stairs to clean then a canister may be a better choice.


Features to look out for:

Upright or cylindrical vacuum cleaners: It’s important to consider the area which needs to be vacuumed. Typically, cylindrical cleaners are smaller and lighter, and have all the required cleaning attachments. Most models also feature a cord-rewind feature and foot-operated start/stop buttons.

The upright vacuum cleaner models are usually heavier and harder to maneuver. Their main strength is their suction capacity, which ensures efficient cleaning. A “carpet-height selector”, is available in most models, which allows you to adjust the vacuum cleaner according to the height of the carpet pile, ensuring better cleaning.

With or without a dust bag: Bag less cleaners are more expensive because they’re technologically advanced. Of course whatever extra you pay gets compensated since you don’t need to buy dust bags on a regular basis. However, models with bags are more hygienic since all the dirt and dust is collected in a sealed bag (Remember, as the bags fill up, the performance of your vacuum cleaner may get affected).

Power: Measured in watts, the power is a good indicator of a vacuums performance. A good figure for a cylindrical cleaner is around 1,400 watts; 1,300 watts is ideal for an upright one.

Now go suck up some dirt… with your new vacuum cleaner, naturally!

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