Pick the Most Suitable Curtains & Drapes For Your Home

There are literally thousands of styles, fabrics and colors of curtains available in today’s. time. This means that it is quite easy to find one that will suit every taste and budget. Setting up curtains is a great way to augment a home’s décor and to give you privacy from your everyday voyeurs.

So if it is so easy, can you really go wrong while picking a curtain? Well if you follow a few certain guidelines you will definitely find the right curtains that would best suit your home.

  1. Measure your windows ( height and width)
  2. Based on your budget you can decide to go with either readymade curtains &  drapes or designer drapes and curtains.  There are many places from where you can get custom curtains to suit your needs.
  3. Depending on your room function, you can choose between casual, semi formal or formal curtains. For e.g.,  Cafe Curtains work well for kitchens, while pleated ceiling-floor drapes are appropriate for dining rooms or living rooms.
  4. Decide on a fabric. Silk, satin and jacquard are more formal and supplement traditional designs well.  Cotton or cotton blend curtains are generally patterned and more often can fit nicely in a room. Open weave curtains are much more casual but allow for greater visibility.
  5. Settle on whether you want curtain liners. They are appropriate for heavy curtains/drapes in more formal settings. Liners are good for privacy and would be best suited for bedrooms.
  6. Finally, you would require a few curtain accessories like a curtain rod (very necessary) tiebacks, tassels, holdbacks and trims (all which are optional and only used as decorative).


The look and feel of a curtain can really define the room. Be smart, shop around before you decide to curtain up!


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