Sunny Winters, Snowy Summers! – Heating / Cooling systems for your home.

Its time you understood how your heating & cooling systems work. Press a button and you’re warm in winter, press another button and you’re cold in summer. Now press that button and nothing works. Time to spend some money to get it to work again and the costs can be quite a bit. By learning about the basics of how these systems work, you can keep your systems working efficiently by doing some basic maintenance/ quick fixes yourself.

The Inner Workings;

Three basic components make up the climate control devices we use every day.

-          Source of Air

-          Distribution of air to rooms

-          Thermostat ( temperature regulator)

So a malfunctioning heating/cooling system means that one of these basic components is failing. Both these systems work on the same basic principle, heat moves from a warm object to a cooler one.

Both the heating and cooling systems burn fuel. Most home heating devices use fuel oil or gas. Others use electricity. All air conditioning units use electricity.  New heating systems consume fuel ( gas /oil/electricity) to produce heat and then channel the heat through pipes, ducts or wires and then blown out from radiators or heating panels. Older systems use the heat produced to boil water (boilers) and then this hot water is sent through pipes that are embedded within the walls, floors and ceilings of your home.

With air conditioners, electricity is used to cool gas in a coil to its liquid state. Warm air is cooled down on contact with this cooling coil. This air is then channeled to any or all rooms through ducts based on whether you have a central cooling system or a room air conditioner.

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