Tips To Help You Keep a Roof over Your Head

When we think of roof repairs, we tend to consider fixing a roof that is already damaged, however, if you keep up on routine roof maintenance you can avoid unnecessary damage altogether. Unfortunately, with many older homes, you are often have to decide whether to repair or replace an older roof. While replacement can be expensive, a repair job can also end up costing you more than you save.

Roofing materials vary widely in price. Clay tiles are usually the most expensive, with the 3 tab asphalt shingle being the least. Roofing materials also change a lot depending on locale. In sunny California you will often see ceramic and clay tile, which is not appropriate to areas such as New England, where winters can raise havoc with this type of material. There, you will see slate roofs which last for decades. In every instance, there comes a time when the roof needs to be either fixed or replaced.

The rule of thumb is to replace a roof if one third of it is damaged. Deciding to replace a roof has a lot more factors than just deciding to paint the house. Below are a few pointers, to help you decide whether to replace or repair.

If your roof suffers from any of the following, it probably needs replacement:

  • If the interior walls or ceiling are blistered.
  • If there are dark spots on the ceiling.
  • If there is obvious leaking in the interior after a hard wind driven rain.
  • If there signs of water damage or discoloration in attic spaces.
  • If soffits are sagging or rotten.
  • If there are signs of leaking in the attic after an ice buildup.
  • If shingles are curling up or appear cracked. This can be checked easily from the ground with binoculars.
  • If there are signs of algae buildup, or dirty looking shingles in different areas of the roof.
  • If there is a rise in energy costs over a typical winter.
  • If there are signs of decay in shingles, sheathing and soffits. Possibly, water is entering, running down walls and entering the soffit.

Use these points to finely examine your roof, and you’ll know when the time comes to repair or replace.

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