Water, Water Everywhere?? – Understanding Plumbing.

Is the plumbing in your house a “mystery”? Well you can count yourself amongst the many people that have no idea what to do when it comes to plumbing. Let me tell you, that it’s not that hard. Pay attention to these few pointers and you can save yourself a lot time, money and worry.

-          The principles of Plumbing are essentially the basic principles of nature i.e. gravity, pressure and water seeking its level.

-          You home plumbing system is comprised of 2 subsystems.

  • Fresh water In
  • Waste water Out

-          The System that brings the fresh water in is under pressure.  This pressure allows the water to reach higher floors, around corners basically anywhere that it needs to go. There is a meter that measures the amount of water you use. Typically, the main shutoff valve is located next to the meter. So in case of a pipe burst, shut this valve to make sure that your house doesn’t flood. However, most fixtures nowadays can have their own individual valves, so you don’t have to turn off your entire water supply.

-          Water that comes from the main supply is your cold water. For hot water there is an added step in the setup process. A pipe separates your cold water towards a water heater. A thermostat regulates the temperature. Hot water is normally between 140-160 degrees F.  If you have a dishwasher then that would also require a hot water inlet.

Now you know what goes into your plumbing system. Next time you need to do some fixing, may be you could do it yourself. Although, I would suggest that the first time around get a professional or a friend / family member to show you the way. This way you won’t be making a bad problem worse.

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